Monday, November 30, 2009

Championship Weekend

After late season runs, The Prowler & Spartan Brian are tied for first with a two game lead over the fading Scotty B. Florida and Alabama have been 1 and 2 all season with the mantra of one word "FINISH." Let's see whose steely nerves carry the day, in the SEC Championship and Renegade's Road Warriors.

BTW: Roche's performance is easily the worst in the 9 year history of the Road Warriors. (13-26) But I expect a big come back from the Motel in 2010.

BTW part Two: The only thing worse than the Belliveau Boys 0-6 on Rivalry Saturday was Al Groh's final ignominious defeat at the hands of Virginia Tech. Never has some one been paid so much to accomplish so little. I am sure UVA fans are saying to Groh, "So long and good riddance."