Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Week 8

The route is on!! I must say that I am embarrassed for some of you guys. Good thing I changed the scoring method this season. Seven games under .500 would look pretty bad.


Faggies -10 over ISU (LOCK)

LSU's only hope for the Rose Bowl is for A&M to collect itself and pull the upset next month.

Cocks +14 at UT

Spur Dog OWNS Fullmer.

Buff's -7.5 at KSU

Colorado continues to run roughshod over Big 12 North.


Hats off to LSU !! It was a thrill ride but, I don't know how many more shots to the ticker I can take. Week 8 :

Weak Forest (-14.0) vs Puke

Demon Deacons and Blue Do-Dads are both near the bottom of their respective divisions; it could be anyone's game.

Va. Tech (-13.0) vs B.C. (Lock)

You can't soar like an Eagle when you're working with a Turkey. Tech (7-0) needs to come out firing on all cylinders and nail the lid on early to avoid the upset scenario against a (6-1) B.C. squad . Hand the Beantown Boyz 4 interceptions ( like last week against the Terps) and it'll be over; Tech's got to play 'em tough in Blacksburg.

UCLA (-7.5) vs Stanford

Stanford (4-2) and presently on a 3 game win streak will meet UCLA at Stanford. UCLA needs to stay focused or this might get ugly. If the Bruins stay sharp they should handle the Birds.

[EDITOR'S NOTE - The Stanford Cardinal mascot is actually the color "cardinal" and not the bird "cardinal." This is about the only thing OMAC has gotten wrong this season.]


Auburn - 20 over Ole Miss (lock)

Ohio St -4 over Minnesota

Georgia +4.5 over Gaytors


Ohio -3.5 at Buffalo

I figured why not

UTEP -19 at Rice (LOCK)

I love a man who can have a good time at a strip club.

Arizona State -16 against Washington

Their offense is too good to not score on a horrible Huskie team


auburn -20 over ole miss

western mich -7 over kent st. (lock)

Georgia +4.5 over UF


Jokelahoma +1 1/2 over Cornholers

Texas Tech -11 over Baylor

Georgia +4.5 over Gators

Michigan -3 over Wildcats (lock)

Georgia Tech -2 1/2 over Clemson

UCLA -7.5 over Stanford (lock)


TCU -6.5 over San Diego State [Lock]
I'm taking the 7-1 Frogs over the 3-5 Indians. I think we all know I'm losing this one.

Fear the Turtle +17 over Free Shoes University
The Noles gave up 24 to Duke.

UGA +4.5 over Gaytors
Florida's queer new nike jerseys belong in the arena football league...just like Urine Meyer's offense.

Sorry these picks sucked, but it wasn’t my fault … unlike Joey, I didn't copy my picks from Fiu's Calvalcade of Whimsy