Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Weak 7

This is quickly turning into a race for second place. Can anyone challenge the Mighth OMAC?


Maryland +11 over Va Tech

Fear the Turtle bitches.

Buffs -14.5 over Kansas (LOCK)

Colorado got bent over by the Steers & Queers last week. Time to bend over someone else.

LSU -6 over Auburn

This is probably wishful thinking. But if the offense gets out of its own way, look out.


Who's going to get blown out of the sky this week ? It's all guess work now. College Football, "The Greatest Show on Earth" ...Week 7 :

South Carolina (-8.0) vs Vandy

Vandy could be due but, they have to face an improving Gamecock Squad in the "Hen House". Let's see if Spurrier is king of his own roost.

Wisconsin (-8.0) vs Purdue (Lock)

The Badgers have the Axe now and the Boilermakers haven't been showing any steam of late. If Axe swings and the chips fly... do we buy ?

Texas (-15.5) vs Texas Tech

Two undefeated teams, both in the Big 12 South, both ranked in the top ten and both able to run the score up as and when needed. Will Tech give Mack a Brown-eye or will the Steers-n-Queers give the Rump-Raiders the Longhorn ?

Semper Fi's Picks

Tenn +3.5 over Bama

Bama is the most overrated team in the country. The win against Florida doesn't look so great all of a sudden and they really miss Protho.

Vandy +8 over The Visor

How bad does Steve wish he was at Florida and how bad does Florida wish they had him?

Georgia -19.5 over Hogs

And just think both LSU and Nebraska at one time wanted to hire Houston Nutt.

State -2 over Houston

The bulldogs have a decent defense which should overcome their weak offense. Give'm a couple years and they will be respectable.

Ole Miss -10.5 over Cats - LOCK

I hope this game isn't on TV and I am sure you can get free tickets if you really want to go. One head coach is done at the end of the season and the other one should be. Where is David Cutcliffe?

LSU -6 over The "other" Tigers - LOCK

LSU will finally play a complete game and show a national televised audience what they are capable off. Or if you listen to Herbstreit, Auburn will finally get respect. Miles finally experiences Saturday night in Death Valley and satisfies the fans in a very big way.


UVA +1 over UNC

TX Tech +15.5 over Texas

LSU -6 over Auburn (lock)


Tennessee +3.5 over Bama

LSU -6 over Auburn

S Carolina -8 over Vandy


Louisville -22 over Cincy [LOCK]

Basketball game of the week. I'm betting agains the double-digit home dog theory. Fire Brady!

Vandy +8 over Cocks

I can't wait to see how visor boy does once he gets some players. For now all he can do is try to avoid losing to the bottom feeders and make fun of Phat Phil.

Michigan +3 over Iowa

How can Michigan possibly lose to a little Louisiana town?