Thursday, September 28, 2006

week 5 picks


Auburn -14 over S Carolina
Auburn has to much defense

LSU - 32 over Miss State
Miss State has no offense

Georgia - 18 over Ole Miss (LOCK)
Ole Miss is just plain bad


TCU -5.5 vs BYU (lock)

VA Tech -9.5 vs GA Tech

Oregon St +9.5 vs Cal


This season is enough to give guys like Corso and Herbstreet a big headache, not to mention rank amateurs like me. The Big teams and teams on the cusp of “kicking it up a notch” can’t seem to win in an authoritative manner. GT should have beat Virginia 36-0 but, after they
put 24 pts on the board, started playing grab ass. GT has to really wake-up to beat VA Tech in Blacksburg. On the other hand, VA Tech can’t take a nap until the second half and expect to beat GT. Watch that little hose, Reggie Bush, have the best day of his career just when I don’t need it … Hey, Reggie, where were you last week you fumbling geek?

Week 5:

VA Tech (-9.5) vs GT

Iowa (+7.0) vs Ohio St.

Alabama (+13.5) vs Florida (Lock)


The view of the college football world from my extraordinary perspective—the bottom—has inspired me to adopt an entirely new approach to my weekly picks. From now on, I’ll adopt a theme each week and choose games accordingly.

Despite recent events, there is more to the Pac-10 than USC, Oregon’s bizarre uniforms, the Trojans, confused officials, and Southern Cal. This week, therefore, I don my shades, fire up the Woody, and head westward for “Scotty B’s Surfin’ Safari”—an all-Pac 10 slate of games. If I am scoreless for a third time, well, at least I’ll have a nice tan.
Scotty B’s Surfin’ Safari

Oregon (-1.5) at Arizona State

In this game, both teams have something to prove: for the Ducks, that they can win without dubious officiating; for the Sun Devils, the 49-21 loss to California in their conference opener was a fluke. Even though Oregon is on the road, I think its defense can hold back Arizona State and that its offense can break enough big plays to win this game—and beat the spread.

California (-9) at Oregon State

After Tennessee’s humiliation of the Golden Bears during Week 1, the sporting press ceded the Pac-10 to USC and turned its attention to explaining Notre Dame and hyping the Buckeyes. Too bad because they have missed an interesting story: California’s steady improvement. Last week, the Golden Bears rang up 49 points against Arizona State and, although their defensive unit allowed an astonishing 414 yards of total offense, it was relatively stingy around the goal line.

USC (-17) at Washington State

Since I’m on “The Coast,” I must pick one game involving an L.A. team. Since I am still miffed at UCLA for losing to the Huskies, I’ll go with Southern Cal. After trouncing Stanford last week, Washington State has a good feeling about itself. That feeling will go away not soon after 4:00 PDT on Saturday.

The Chameleon's Picks

notre dame -14 over purdue (lock)

boise st. +4 over utah

penn st. -18 over northwestern

Roche Motel's Picks

A&M pick ‘em over Texas Tech (Lock)

The U -15.5 over Houston

ULM -13.5 over Florida Atlantic

Prowler's Picks

State University of New Jersey -3.5 at South Florida

The mob has always done well in South Florida.

Michigan v. Golden Goofers (under 51)

Big Blue Mafia will keep the scoring down

Rocky Top -12.5 at Memphis


Bucky Badger -11
Indiana is so bad they could be an SEC Team
… or at least a regular on LSU’s “Schedule o’ Cupcakes”

Quack Attack -1.5
Am I the only person in America that likes Oregon’s uniforms?

VaTech -9.5 [LOCK]
Frank Beamer’s skin graft always looks weird on TV

Monday, September 25, 2006

Weak 4 wrap

Scotty B is off to a dubious start. 0-6 the last two weeks. BAM!!

Unlike his beloved Spartans, Brian looks to be in championship form. No choke job here...yet.

Shrugging off last season's Katrina distractions, Renegade is on a tear. Plus he needs to win to get get the free t-shirt, those FEMA loans over cover so much.