Monday, November 14, 2011

week 12

OMAC is making a serious late push as the Traylor Boys stumble for the first time all season. Titles are won in November and December. Who has the right stuff?


Anonymous OMAC said...

OMAC Week 12:

I feel the long arm of the law reaching out; the law of averages that is. Just like the packs of rabbits that have gnawed on my shrubs are long overdue for an introduction to the business end of a .22 rifle, I’m long overdue for a trip down the dreaded “suck-hole”:

Clemson (-10) v. NC State:

The “Faux” tigers need to crank-up the Taj Mahal show to keep the drive alive for a trip to the ACC title game. The “Pack” will try and bring the home field fans into the fray for an upset bid.

Oklahoma (-14.0) v. Baylor:

Sooners and Stoops “need” this one in a big way if they hope to make the run to the OK- State game without another blemish … Thing is the Baylor “O” can light-up anybody if they’re on.

Wisconsin (-13.5) v. Illinois :

Coach Zook is on the hot seat and his team is desperate to stop the slide … Sulky Badger looked a little better last week against the Golden-G … This could turn into the surprise slug fest of the week.

8:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Renegade's Picks

Oklahoma -14 over

LSU -30.5 over
Ole Piss

Wisconsin -13.5 over

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roche's Picks:

OU -14 over Baylor

OSU -27.5 over Iowa State

LSU -30.5 over Ole Piss

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Scotty B said...

It's the next-to-last weekend of what has been a wild and whacky regular season.

This week, Scotty B heads back to the West Coast for a Pac-12-apalooza!

Arizona State (-14.5) v. Arizona
The Sun Devils are coming off of back-to-back losses to--ready?--UCLA and Wazzu. OUCH! Happily for them, therefore, this week's opponent is Arizona, a team that has been drubbed by the likes of Oregon State, Utah, and Colorado.

Stanford (-20.5) v. California
Jeff Teford's Golden Bears overall record belies the fact that they are 3-4 in the conference. With an offense and defense that both struggle against high-quality opponents, Cal won't be able to stave off Stanford's defense or slow down what is sure to be a ferocious Stanford attack.

UCLA (-14) v. Colorado
The Bruins have not lived up to expectations this year (or for the past few years, to be honest). That said, at times, they have shown spark this season (e.g., against AZ State). Moreover, they are solid at home.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Prowler said...

Boomer Sooner -14 @ Baylor

Vandy -1 @ UT

GT -10 @ Puke

11:52 AM  

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