Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Week 3


Looks like Spartan Brian has been drinking the kool-aid, and it's working. The Chameleon on the other hand is falling off the map. Stop complaining and start picking winners!!

Sun Devils -6.5 at Beavers

Bama -15 over Hogs (lock)

Bulldogs +15.5 over Bulldogs


OMAC totally struck out in week two. Notre Shame fell again to the Spartans and what was the heck with GA Tech; they couldn't even cover the spread against UCONN. Virginia ... I can't even bring myself to talk about that game.

Week 3 picks:

Notre Shame (-13.0) vs Washington
I have no idea why I am doing this again but, we'll see if Notre Shame can shame their old Coach in his new doghouse.

Virginia Tech (-11.0) vs GA Tech
Battle of the "Techs". Let's hope GA Tech stays asleep long enough to allow the Hookies/Technical Turkeys to cover the spread.

South Carolina (-18) vs Troy (Lock)
Spurrier and the Cocks have licked their wounds and now face Troy ... I think it's Parent Weekend at South Cack-a-lacky so Troy was scheduled to be slaughtered in front of Mom & Dad. Let's see if the Cocks can win another one before the "Old Ball Coach" chews off one of his fingers.


south carolina -18 over troy

lsu vs. tenn over 42.5

florida atlantic -7.5 over ulm (lock)


After going 6-0 in the first two weeks of the season, Spartan Brian (like the Spartaneites), is ready for the inevitable crash back down to reality. But….. who knows…. Perhaps both of us will go undefeated this season………… no really.

The Fighting JoePa’s -7 over Northwestern [Lock It]
Even Penn State can cover this one

Buckeyes are Little Hairy Nuts (look it up) – 7 over Iowa = overrated

Silly Helmets -2 1/2
Two more overrated teams. Badgers still have the best mascot in college football.


LOCK - ASU -6.5 over OSU
They hung with us, so they must be good. Well, at least Keller is. Pound the Beavers!

Golden Showers -13 over Washington
I did it Brian. I directed just enough hate at ND last week to make them lose. I still hate their ass, but I have to focus my hate on the giant Krispy Kreme eatin pumpkin this week. F the Vols!

Bama -15 over Houston Nutless and his little piggies
Arkansas just plain sucks.


Illinois +11 over The Less Than Mighty Spartans

BAMA -15 over Hogs

ASU -6.5 over OSU [lock]