Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Week 4

Mirroring the Mighty Spartans, Brian is making a run for the Roses by blowing out the competition. Can he keep his mojo?

Semper Fi is back after going AWOL the last two weeks.


Golden Goofers -2 at Penn State (lock)

Shame on me for abandoning the Goofers so early in the season. Even JoePa can see thru his coke bottle glasses that PSU has played a bunch of cupcakes.

Black Knights of the Hudson +11 over UCONN

Be all you can be.

The Mighty Spartans v. Lloyd Clueless over 56


lsu vs. msu over 39.5

wash st. vs oregon st. over 60.5

oklahoma -6 over (lock)


In the wake of some real "eye openers" in week three, I make my picks for week four with a renewed and healthy respect for how unpredictable and whacky college football can be. OMAC gets up at O-Dark-Thirty everyday to make it into DC so, I hit the rack at the half of the LSU-Tenn game ... The next morning, as I was pouring my coffee, I nearly poured the pot on my crotch when I heard that Tenn came from behind to win. Elmer (Fulmer) Fudd is one lucky SOB.

Week 4 picks:

Auburn (-14.0) vs South Cack-a-lacky (Lock)

I think the other "Tigers" and Tommy Tupperware will take it to the "Old Ball Coach". Welcome back to the SEC Steve.

Virginia Tech (-10.0) vs West Virginia

Once again, lets hope the Technical Turkeys can cover the spread. This rivalry goes all the way back to when Bobby Bow-down was coaching the Mountain Monkeys ... No free shoes back then. In fact, probably no shoes at all. Even though Tech has to travel deep into moonshine country, and W. Va has the edge in the series, I think Tech pull it out.

Navy (-6.5) vs Puke

This could be a real toss-up but, I figure the Mids have to win sooner or later and there best chance to date should be against Puke. So I'll be looking for "Naybe" to edge it out over the "Blue Doo-Dads".


After 2 weeks off i am back.

Locks of the week:

LSU -15 over MSU
Even with Curly we beat the Bulldogs

Michigan State -5.5 over Michigan
This one goes out to Brian.

Vandy -14.5 over MTSU
Getting ready for the upset of the year against the Tigers

Central Florida -3.5 over ULL
Texas -14.5 over Mizzo
Florida -3.5 over Bama
Arizona State +16.5 over USC
Iowa State +3.5 over Cornhuskers
Notre Dame +3 over Purdue

Hopefully this catches me up with everyone.


Pitt +1 over Jersey
Wannstadt may be a shitty coach and may run this program into the ground, but at least he doesn't look clueless on the sideline. I doubt he would try to call a timeout on a change of possession.

Croom +15 over Miles, Bo Tepperini, Jimbo
There is no doubt that we should crush the puppies based upon our talent. I will continue to support this team and our players. But until the coaching staff proves that they are up to the task I have trouble believing we will play up to our potential. We will probably be out coached in every game but Ole Piss this year. Thank god we have players with enough heart and talent that they will be able to overcome this obstacle and still win most of our games, including this one.

USC/ASU Over 72 [LOCK]
Two of the best offenses in the country playing against pac-10 defenses! I will be shocked if I get this wrong.


Minnesota -2 over Penn St (LOCK)

Vandy -14.5 over M Tenn

Florida - 3.5 over Bama


The only game that really matters this week will be played in Least Lansing.

Bucky Badgers - 17 1/2 over Indiana

The Badgers will lose next month to the Mighty Spartans

Notre Lame +3 over Purdump

The Golden Showers already lost to the Mighty Spartans, the Boilerfakers
will lose to MSU later this month.

Minnesota -2 over PSU (lock)

The Goofers and the Fighting Joe Pa's will both lose to the Spartans later
this season.