Thursday, October 06, 2005


The FNG is out in front while there is a big log jam in the middle of the pack. Who is going to pull a Vick Mackey and say, "I don't step aside, I step up!"?


Ramblin' Wreck -4 over Mr. Cool Shades and Red Slippers

This will be worth watching just to see Amato's wardrobe.

Buffs -3 over Faggies [lock]

The only person I know more politically incorrect than Gary Barnett is Spartan Brian. But both of them seem to stumble from one successful season to the next w/o getting fired.

BTW -Fanchione can suck it!!

ASU v. Oregon OVER 68

These guys will have 50 by halftime.


Another wild week in college football; I got lucky. Now, in the first full week of October, things will start to become more complicated. So, I'll spin the wheel ....Week 5 picks:

LSU (-15.0) vs Vandy (Lock)

I think the resurgent (real) "Tigers" will prevail against the Commode-doors. I know, I know, Vandy is 4-1 but, they've done that against the likes of the hapless Arkan-Hogs, Old Piss and Richmond (Key-rist Richmond's a I-AA team). Geaux Tigers !

Miss St. (+27.0) vs Florida

Although the Bulldogs will be meeting the Gators in the Swamp, I think they might be able to keep it respectable. The Gators looked more like an alligator handbag and very little like a football team during their near drowning at the hands of the Crimson Tide. This is a tough one and I don't think you'll see a middle-of-the-road game. The Gator's will either be lucky to beat Miss St. or they'll be so pi$$ed about last Saturday that it will be an aerial circus ... Guess we'll see.

UCLA (-2.0) vs Cal

This has the makings of this weeks toss-up. The battle of two undefeated hairy mammals ... Bruins vs the Golden Bears. The one advantage the Bruins have is that they're on home turf. This game should be good and after they get through clawing each others ba11z off, we'll see who's left standing.


Holding true to form, both Spartan Brian and the Dysfunctional Spartans began their mid-season dive last week.
But alas…………… we both must solider on into mediocrity.

Black Eyes – 3 at PSU

Still not convinced Penn State is for real.…… but is anyone convinced Ohio State is either?

Banjo Pickers & Corn Cob Pipe Smokers -3 over UGA [LOCK]

Let’s see …. Georgia has dominated the likes of S. Carolina, UL-Monroe, and Boise State.
Tennessee beat LSU and lost a close one to the Gaytors. The Phat Fulmers win this one by a TD.

Joke-lahoma +14 over Steers and Queers

I heard that Texass still plans to let Mack Brown coach this one. What are they thinking?


LSU - 15 over Vandy LOCK

Miss St + 27 over Florida

Fla ST -21 over Weak Forest


OSU -3 over PSU [lock]

It will be Not-So-Happy Valley on Saturday. The Shittany Lions' overachieving stops this week.

Texas Tech -4 over Cornholers
I am going to start easing into my basketball game of the week pick. I like me some Bobby Knight. There is a guy who is in control of his program, unlike some coaches I know.

OU +14 over Bonghorns

Mac Brown is Stoops' bitch.

The Chameleon's Picks

south carolina -12.5 over kentucky

wash. st. vs. stanford over 62.5

U of H -1 over tulane (lock)