Thursday, September 29, 2011

Week 5

With the reinstatement of Jordan Jefferson I am in a bit of a tizzy. Sorry for the late post. Standings will be updated shortly.

Possibly the best week we have ever had, 19-5 as a group. Nasty!!

Traylor Boys lead the way with a sterling 83% winning rate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Omac's Week 5:

The front runners are widening their margin and leaving the rest of us in their rearview mirror ... I think I'm starting to choke on the road dust.

South Florida (+3.0) v. Pitt:

Going into Heinz Field is no easy chore for any team and Pitt will be fighting hard not to slip back into their Panther Piss tendencies ... Can Skip and the boys Bull it out?

Georgia Tech (-6.0) v. NC State:

The Rambling Wreck rolls into the Wolf's Lair. NC State fans will be howling to urge their team on, but if GT loses it'll be because they beat themselves with untimely errors.

Wisconsin (-7.0) v. Nebraska:

Badgers verse the Corn Hole ... Both are 4-0, both average 500 yards of offense per game, but neither team has yet to play an opposing defense that has had a
pulse. "Let's get ready to rumble"; it'll be trench warfare at Camp Randall.

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roche's Picks

USF +3 over Pitt
Pitt kept it close last week because ND sucks. We know USF is better that the golden showers, so I'm taking the Bulls. Hopefully Pitt won't screw me again this week.

GT -6 over NC State
GT won't need a last second penalty to put away the wolfpack. Yellow Jackets roll.

Baylor -3 over K State
Baylor needs as many wins as they can get while they're still almost relevant. Once the Big XII-III collapses no one will care about the Bears.

11:04 AM  
Blogger Prowler said...

Time to come back to earth

GT -6 @ Wolfpack

Baylor -3 @ Wildcats

UTU +13.5 @ BYU

Road Warrior Style

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chameleon's picks:

Temple -5.5 over Toledo
Baylor -3 over K. St.
Houston -15.5 over UTEP

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Renegade's Picks

Georgia Tech -6 over
NC State

Georgia -4.5 over
Mississippi St

S. Carolina -10.5 over

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spartan Brian

Ga Tech -6
Penn State -15 1/2
Bethune Cookman +41

5:41 PM  
Anonymous Scotty B said...

Week 5: Mountain West Madness in which Scotty B heads for the mountains and the teams of the Mountain West Conference.

Navy (-3.5) v. Air Force
The Mids looked good when they put the scare into The Old Ball Coach. At home against Air Force, they be able to get the win--and beat the spread.

Colorado State (-4.5) v. San Jose State
OK, this is no clash of the titans. The Rams struggled against the Lost Lobos of New Mexico in Week 1, and the Spartans first fell to lackluster UCLA and then Nevada. Since Week 1, however, the Rams have shown some life.

TCU (-13.5) v. SMU
After a shameful performance against Baylor in Week 1, the Horned Frogs' defense has shown some improvement, albeit against second-tier opponents. IF the defense tightens up, TCU's offense, which has been explosive, will have the opportunities to put up some impressive numbers.

9:20 AM  
Anonymous Dman said...

Iowa St. +9 v Texas
Texas sucks. That is all.
ISU 32- UT 22

UK +27.5 v. LSU
LSU 40, UK 15...
That's not a cover, my friends.

Clemson +7 v. Vtech.
Clemson 27, V tech 21

11:34 AM  

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