Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Week 6


It is the week of the Dawg...can the downtrodden triumph??

Golden Doomers +11.5 over Condom Man

3 road games in four weeks will ware on Trojans. Plus, ND lives for this type of game. Expect a great game. (I don't know if this is true, but reportedly Weis stated that he "owned" Carroll when they were both in the pros.)

Vandy +15.5 over Georgia

After playing a nice game last week, the Dawgs will sink back into mediocrity when playing a lesser ream.

Colorado +17 at Steers and Queers [lock]

Buffs crushed A&M last week. Can they do a Texas two-step?


As I alluded to the "Coach" early this week, I've got a feeling the bottom is going to drop out this week. Also, we're at a point in the season where college ball is due for some "jaw dropping" upsets ...Week 6 picks:

Bama-rama (-12.5) vs Ole-Piss (Lock)

Shula and the Tide stand at 5-0, a win this week could make them Bowl eligible, and Shula maybe the first Bama coach since Stallings to keep his job for more than 2-3 years. Now, granted, 4 of those 5 wins were against some real slop and the Tide travels to the toilet in Oxford but, I think Bama will "pull-the-chain". ROLL TIDE !

Georgia (-15.5) vs VandyThe Dawgs should handle the Commode-doors.

The Dawgs, coming off a big win against the "Falls" and Elmer Fudd (Fulmer), will have to guard against the big let down. Let's see if the Dawgs can make it a clean sweep in the state of Tennesse.

Notre-Shame (+11.5) vs USC

What the he11, OMAC needs his head examined. USC, in 5 outings, has put 258 pts on the board (51.6 pt avg per game) and seemly can score at will ... That's bad for the Irish. So, what's good for the Irish ? (Now I'll start grasping at straws): This will be the first time that USC has played east of the state of Arizona. Weather conditions at South Bend won't be So-Cal sunny and hot; forecast is rain Friday and windy, mostly cloudy & a high of 61F on Saturday. And ..., and ...!!! Ok, I know, USC is #1 ... The question is going to be: Is Notre Shame for real ? ... The next sound you hear could be the college football world's jaw hitting the floor.

The Chameleon

navy -12.5 over kent st. (lock)

U of H vs memphis over 54

michigan -3 over penn st.


Bama -12.5 over Ole Miss

LSU - 6 over Florida

Auburn - 7.5 over The Hogs


LSU -6 over Gaytors [lock]
Urban Myth's offense will not work in the SEC, especially with a drop-back quarterback. We should crush this team.

UConn -7.5 over Cincy
The basketball game of the week. LSU should take a hint from Cincy and get rid of their asshole coach. If Cincy can get rid of a successful Huggins, why can't we fire a a shitty coach like Brady?

ULM +2 over Troy
How can you have a good program when you are a dog in your own homecoming game.


Spartan Brian likes roadies so much this week, it's hard to pick which ones use.
In his crystal ball he sees CO covering 17, USC easily covering 12, UCLA covering 6 ½,
and the Fraudulent Spartans covering 6 ½; all on the road. If you like home teams and would
like to take this month's mortgage payment to Vegas, Spartan Brian also suggests,
Michigan to cover 3, LSU to cover 6; at home.

Since we can only pick three I'll have to go 0-fer with these:

Auburn -7 ½ at Arkansas
I always hate giving the extra ½ point. It always kills me.

Northwestern +7 ½ at Purdump [LOCK]
although I always like getting the extra ½.

Free Shoes -7 at UVA
Charlottesville is beautiful this time of year.