Friday, November 10, 2006

week 11 and wrap up

Champions finish strong. So with 3 weeks left, The Chameleon and Prowler are pulling away from the pack. Like his Spartans, Brian is folding and has only gathered 1 point the past two weeks.

The new guys are still languishing at the bottom of the table. Maybe next season they will be able to elevate their game.


Tennessee + 5.5 over Arkansas

Auburn - 12 over Georgia LOCK

Kentucky - 2 over Vandy


USC -8 over Oregon

Tennessee +5 ½ over Arkansas

A&M +1 over Nebraska (lock)


I feel like Rowdy Yates on “Raw Hide”, bringing up the rear in a cattle drive & eating a lot of dust. Since I’m in the cellar already, here we go …

Week 11:

South Carolina (+13.5) vs. Florida: [lock]

Gators are locked into the SEC Championship game but, need to beat the Gamecocks to the point of punishment to get style points for the BCS. Let’s see if Spurrier, still a favorite son of the Gator faithful, can keep it close and rekindle some of his old magic in the Swamp.

Oregon (+8.0) vs. USC:

The Toe-jams took it to Stanford last week and, guess what, they were supposed to. The Ducks are doing well and are averaging 36 points a game. Can the Ducks go score-for-score and dunk the Toe-jams or will it be a “Booty” call at the coliseum?

Arkansas (-5.5) vs. Vols:

You can pass on the Hogs, as the Gamecocks showed late last week but, the Vols are pretty
banged up and won’t have the services of Ainge at QB or the services of three other starters cause they were stupid and got arrested. You can run on the Vols and oh how the Hog’s can run! I’ll be pulling for Arkansas to run amuck in Hog Heaven!

Special K's Picks

Lousville -6.5 vs Rutgers (Lock)

Arkansas -5.5 vs Tennessee

Alabama +17 vs LSU


The State University of New Jersey +6.5 over Birds of a Feather [lock]

The national media knows NOTHING!!

Golden Goofers -1 at "Sparty On"

Here is a logic chain for you: Indiana beat MSU by 25, then the Goofers beat Indiana by the logical conclusion is that the Goofers are favored by 1?

Indiana +19 over Big Blue Mafia

trap game alert!

Scotty B's Picks

Tomorrow is November 11—Veterans Day to most, Armistice Day to some, Remembrance Day for our allies in the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth. This week, therefore, my picks have a military theme with two service academies and Texas A&M (that has one rootin’-tootin’ Corps of Cadets) on the roster.

Navy (-15) v. Eastern Michigan
Even though the Irish decisively defeated the Irish last week and Rutgers shut them out a week before that, the Midshipman bounced back convincingly from their two-game slide against Duke. Although on the road, Navy has the tools to handle the Eagles, including the top running game in the nation.

Notre Dame (-11.5) at Air Force (Lock)
The Falcons looked quite effective against Army. That win, however, had more to do with Army’s continuing QB woes as well as horrendous spate of turnovers on the part of the Black Knights. The Irish should win decisively in Colorado Springs, therefore.

Nebraska at (+1) Texas A&M
The Aggies have been a pleasant surprise this year, defying the legions of critics who wrote them off in August and recommended Dennis Franchione dust off his resume. If the Aggies can close down Nebraska’s potent passing game, especially the Zac-Taylor-to-Maurice-Purify connection, enjoy success with their strong running attack (averaging 212 yards per game), and keep the Aggie fans in this game, they end up a nasty surprise for the Cornhuskers.

Spartan Brian's Picks

IU +19 ½ [lock]

Bama +17

A&M +1

The Chameleon's Picks

michigan st +1 over minnesota

west virginia -17 over cincy (lock)

houston vs smu over 52.5

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Week 10


When you’re good, you’re good and when you’re bad (and can’t even pick your own nose), your name is OMAC.

Week 10:

Clemson (-16) vs. Maryland [Lock]:

The Fridge & Terps are flying high after knocking off FSU and are Bowl eligible. Baby Bowden & company are still cleaning their pants after being stunned by the Hookies. Will Clemson get redemption or will the Terps keep marching?

Vols (+3.0) vs. LSU:

The Tigers need to find a running game if they’re going to take it the Vols. After last week Fat “F” and the Vols, somewhat “nicked-up”, will have to be perfect to stay alive at Rocky Top.

Va Tech (-2.0) vs. Miami-Dade Inmates:

I guess it’s going to depend on which VT shows up in Miami this week? If it’s the thuggish “Chokies”then Miami may make VT their “bitches” for the day. If it’s the Old School, “Beamer Ball” Va Techthen there’ll be no parole for the inmates.

Special K's Picks

If you boys want to get all your picks correct, take a look at mine and go with the opposite........

West Virginia +1 vs Louisville (lock)

Oregon -13.5 vs Washington

Tennessee +3 vs LSU

Scotty B' Picks

Convinced that the family that picks together sticks together, my football-savvy children and I devised this week’s choices. The overall weirdness of this season demands, however, that this particular “Family Affair” is in the spirit of Sly and the Family Stone. So, welcome, fellow Road Warriors, to Scotty B’s Funky Family Affair. Get ready to get a groove on! Boom! Shaka-laka-laka! Boom! Shaka-laka-laka!

Notre Dame (-26.5) vs. North Carolina (Lock)

Admittedly, Notre Dame’s marked tendency toward cliffhanger endings gives one pause. The Irish, however, should have enough fight in them to handle the beleaguered and outclassed Tarheels, who probably gave all they had left against Wake Forest, without any needless melodramatics.

Penn State v. Wisconsin (-6.5)

Thanks to a high-octane offense, the 8-1 Badgers have had an exciting season, including making an impressive comeback last week against a feisty Illinois team. Certainly, Penn State cannot be dismissed out-of-hand; the Nittany Lions’ defense is tough and their QB is gaining in poise and experience. Wisconsin deserves respect on both sides of the ball, however. It defense has allowed conference opponents to score an average of 15.3 points per game while its offense has run up an impressive average of 34.6 points per game against Big Ten foes.

Wake Forest v. Boston College (-3.5)

Both teams are strong defensively; against both teams, opponents score an average of 15 points a game. Boston College, however, has an experienced QB (who rested last week), a productive corps of receivers, and a strong offensive line. Although they’re on the road, the Eagles should win this one—and stay on track for the ACC title game.

The Chameleon's Picks

west va @ louisville over 56 (lock)

washington @ oregon over 50

ucla @ cal over 51.5


Arkansas -2 over S Carolina LOCK

LSU - 3 over Tennessee

Florida - 16 over Vandy

Roche Motel's Picks

Air Force -5.5 over Army

LSU -3 over Vols (lock)

OU -2 over A&M

Prowler's Picks

WV +2 at Papa John's Pizza Palace

Mizzu +7 at Cornholers

ASU v. OSU over 46 (lock)

Spartan Brian's Picks

Spartan Brian pledges to dedicate all of his winnings from this week’s Hit Parade
Pick-Off to the John L. Smith memorial fund drive at his alma mater.

Michigan State Spartanettes -2 ½ [lock]
Either I look very good on this one or, as is more typically the case…. very stupid.

Tennessee +3
Fear not, LSU people, the other two times I picked the Tigers they lost.

Boston College -3 ½
The ACC confuses me…… but then, I am confused by a lot of things