Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Week 2


Golden Goofers -30.5 over Florida Atlantic [LOCK]

starting to wonder if the odds makers are discovering my little secret.

MIGHTY Gators -6 over Prissy Little Bitch Sports Writer

A local sports writer in Hillbillyville complained that UT fans were going to be inconvenienced by a night game. TFB you little bitch.

Sooners +6.5 at UCLA

Stoops Troops will rally this week.

CHAMELEON'S PICKS vs. kansas over 47.5

tenn. +6 over florida (lock)

arkansas +31 over usc


Vandy -2.5 over Ole Piss

Cocks +2.5 over Bama (lock)

UT +6 at The Mighty Gators


This week Spartan Brian goes back to his roots to pick 2 teams from the much-maligned Big 11.
I heard a rumor that they are actually playing football up there, but I can’t be sure. However, although I didn’t pick it, the only game that really matters will be at 2:30. I’ll also be counting on Roche to channel some extra hatred toward the Irish on Saturday.

Iowa -5 ½

Oregon -2 ½ over Fresneck State

Wisconsin – 3 at UNC


Wisconsin -3 over UNC (Lock)
Somebody from the Big 11 has to win this week and it might as well be the Badgers (and probably the Golden Goofers since Jeff usually gets 5 or 6 wins out of them before they take their annual nosedive).

Air Force -2.5 over Wyoming
Wow! The Air Force has a passing game this year. Geaux Falcons!

Arkansas +31 over Condoms
This is probably not a good pick, but I really hope the Hogs can stay within 4 touchdowns. This win will legitimize the condoms’ schedule, even though Arkansas lost to Vandy. That’s like saying the Less than Mighty Spartanettes are the class of the Big 11 for beating Hawaii.


Virginia (-7.0) vs Syracuse

ND (-6.5) vs Michigan St.

GA Tech(-15.0)vs Uconn (LOCK)