Thursday, September 08, 2005

Week 1


LSU +1 over ASU (lock)
You know our guys are ready to get out there and hit somebody. We are going to kick some ass this weekend.

Michigan -7 over ND
ND wins one game and suddenly media suckfest starts again. I think everyone is overlooking the fact that Pitt is weaker than Brian’s excuses for not picking this year.
Michigan can’t possibly lose this game because that would ruin their annual choke job against Ohio State.

Air Force -7 over San Diego State
Great comeback last week for the Falcons. This week they are lucky enough to play the only team with a non-offensive Indian mascot (and even if it is offensive, Aztecs aren’t from this country so its ok).


bc -27.5 over army

ou -30.5 over tulsa (lock)

nevada +9.5 over washington st.


Suckeyes -1 over Bevo (lock)
In one corner I have a coach who hasn't won a conference title in 18+ years as a head coach. In the other corner I have a coach two years removed from going 13-0 and winning the National Championship. Who would you take??

Cocks +18 at UGA
The Dawgs shot their wad for the year last week, look for them to win ugly and/or lose the rest of the season.

Golden Goofers -12 over CSU
Every season I roll with the Goofers to start the year.


Lead Pipe Cinch: LSU +1 at ASU
This has nothing to do with sentiment and everything to do with football.

Nebraska -6 1/2 over Weak Forest
Since when did Weak Forest get this good?Oh yeah, the Corn Shuckers have just gotten this bad.

Hawaii +33 at MSU
As a long suffering Michigan State slappy, I don't think the DancingSpartanettes could beat a high school team by 33, particularly with nodefensive backs. Nevertheless, I say "March on, ye Mighty Sons of Sparta!"


Texas (+1) at Ohio State

Notre Dame (+7) at Michigan

Va. Tech (-15) at Duke [Lead-pipe cinch]


LSU +1 at ASU (LOCK)

OU +30.5 over Tulsa

Arkansas -9.5 over Vandy


LSU +1 at ASU

UM -7 over ND (lock)

Clemson +1.5 at The Turtle