Wednesday, October 18, 2006

weak 8


Oregon -3.5 vs Wash St (Lock)

LSU -32.5 vs Fresno St

Pitttsburgh -6.5 vs Rutgers


Cuse +17 over Rick Petino [lock]

Is is basketball season yet?

Bama @ Rocky Top (over 42.5)

Bama's offense sucks but UT's doesn't

LSU -32.5 over Fresneck State

Fresno has melted down after losing to USC last season. The Bulldogs entered the Coliseum 8-1, lost in a heartbreaker to the "Three time defending National Champs" and have now gone 1-9 in their last 10. That my friends, is a SERIOUS hangover.


LSU - 32.5 over Fresno St LOCK

Tennessee -11 over Bama

S Carolina - 3.5 over Vandy


OMAC need-in to defend his house and be need-in to re-stablish he “street creds” so I guess I needs to be hit-in ever-ree one up in da grills whiff ma football helmet. Seriously, now, OMAC is in deep sheeeet. Time for cheese, toe-cheese, cheese-whiz, cheez-its, punk picks and, of course, more self-inflicted punishment.

Week 8:

Notre Dame (-12.0) vs UCLA [Lock]

South Carolina (-3.5) vs Vandy

Hogs (-17.0) vs Ole Piss

Scotty B's Picks

Howdy, fellow Road Warriors! After last week’s wild time in the SEC, I’m headed to where a man sit on a hillside under a big sky, smoke a cigar, listen to the wind’s song in the grass, and wonder why this college football season is causing more of a ruckus than a hundred cowboys on a Saturday night in Dodge City, circa 1880. I am riding westward for Scotty B’s Big 12 Roundup!

Texas (-4.5) at Nebraska
The Cornhuskers have improved throughout the season and now sit atop the Big 12 North. Nebraska, however, had to gamble on two fourth downs to beat a feisty Kansas State team. For their part, the Longhorns rumble into Lincoln with a strong, often explosive, offense and very tough defensive unit that, last week, held Baylor to less than 40 yards rushing.

Texas A&M (+3.5) at Oklahoma State
Admittedly, this is an extremely tough game to call. The team statistics are somewhat closely matched. Both teams are coming off morale-boosting intra-conference wins. Both teams are exceptionally hungry for more. But, we’re the “Road Warriors,” not the “Road Wimps,” right? Defense will win this game and, on that score, Texas A&M has the advantage. Last week, Missouri did not so much fall back to earth as the Aggies’ defense threw them face down upon it and then trod on their prostrate bodies. For their part, in the past two weeks, the Cowboys allowed two relatively weak Big 12 opponents—Kansas and Kansas State—to score 31 and 32 points, respectively.

Colorado at (-14) Oklahoma (Lock)
With Colorado coming off its first conference win and what looks like half of Oklahoma’s offense gone until the postseason, this might be a good week to unhitch the team from the Sooner wagon. Not so fast, partner! Although overshadowed by Peterson’s superb performances, the Sooners’ passing game is fairly good; it averages 225 yards per game and boasts two receivers who average 20 yards per reception. Give the Oklahoma defense some credit as well; last week, they held Iowa State to 3.1 yards per carry and picked off two passes.


arizona +2.5 over oregon st (lock)

la tech -6.5 over utah st.

cal vs washington over 52


The Bear is still dead +11 over Great Pumpkin – lock

Air Force -13 ½ over San Diego State

Hawaii -19 over New Mexico State


Wisconsin -6 ½ [lock]
Detroit Tigers 2006 World Series Champions

Michigan State -7
Detroit Tigers 2006 World Series Champions

GT +7.5
Detroit Tigers 2006 World Series Champions

Monday, October 16, 2006

week 7 picks & wrap

Sorry this is so late...stuff comes up's not like i am getting paid...

Pats on the back for everyone that picked Cal to cover the 8. The Bears had not won at Wazzu since 1979, thus the "seemingly" small spread. But I think the Bears are real and hopefully can put the wood to USC.

Some of the rookies have been showing their ass this season and this week is no different.

Last week's leader however, may have made the biggest bonehead pick of the season. Ron Zook -6 over Ohio. And named it his LOCK to boot. But then again, that is why he is Spartan Brian, and has been for decades.

Get your picks in early and i will try and do a better job of keeping up...

BTW: The Prowler is 1 point out of first and looking for the title, will this be the break thru year, and if it is, this year's grand prize will be dinner at Ruth's Chris....


Michigan -5.5 over Penn St [LOCK]

Ohio St -14.5 over Michigan St

Ole Miss +16 over Bama


Wisconsin -8
The Yankees were the Tiger’s little bitches

Miami – 26
The A’s are currently the Tiger’s little bitches

Illinois – 6 ½ [LOCK]
The Mets will be the Tiger’s little bitches


LSU -26 over Kentucky - lock
We have done pretty well against crappy teams at home. Hopefully that will continue.

Houston +2 over Southern Miss

Mizzou -2 over A&M


LSU -26 vs Kentucky

Cal -8 vs Wash St (Lock)

NC St pick vs Wake


In true Road Warrior Fashion...we go with three road favorites...

Cal - 8 at Wazzu

State University of New Jersey -3.5 at Navy (lock)

Purdue -7.5 at Northwestern



“Prowler” & “Scotty B” cont’d to claw their way up the rankings. (I just feel lucky that I didn’t get back to back “goose eggs”; what a pathetic attitude.)The SEC is a mess! Unless USC, Ohio St. and Michigan start losing I don’t see any SEC squad making it to the National Championship. Oh, did I mention that I was a glutton for punishment?

Week 6:

VA Tech (+2.5) vs BC

Penn St. (+5.5) vs Big Blue

Cal (-8) vs Washington St. [Lock]

SCOTTY B's Picks

Festivals Acadiens occur this week in Lafayette, Louisiana. Alas, I can’t be there to celebrate with my Cajun cousins. In the spirit of the event, however, my Week 7 picks focus on the area over which once fluttered the Fleur de Lys. Join me, therefore, for Scotty B’s SEC Swamp Romp. Stir up the gumbo!

Scotty B’s SEC Swamp Romp

Vanderbilt at (-13.5) Georgia

Last year, taking this game would have been a transparent attempt to gain points. This year, it’s something of a gamble. Throughout the season, the Dawgs’ offense has been mercurial. Last week, the offense finally looked better, albeit only in the first half; in the second half, it never rediscovered its first half groove. After a 17-10 loss to Ole Miss last week, the Commodores might seem to be easy pickings for Georgia, but their three SEC losses (Arkansas, Alabama, and Ole Miss) were by a combined 12 points. I think, however, Georgia’s heretofore-vaunted defense will regain its confidence by Saturday and that should give Bulldog offense enough time and space to sort itself out.

Mississippi at (-15) Alabama

Last week, the Crimson Tide delivered a woeful performance against ACC doormat Duke. Its offense scored 23 points on a team that the wretched Virginia Cavaliers beat 36-0 and its defense allowed the Blue Devils a 14-10 lead at the half. Indeed, Alabama has had better weeks—and better seasons. The Alabama faithful have reasons for cheer this week, however, in the fact that Ole Miss has a decidedly uninspiring offense and in the knowledge that, absent a last-minute interception, Vanderbilt could have pulled off a win last week.

Kentucky at (-26) LSU (Lock)

When thinking about this game, keep in mind the 1981 movie “Southern Comfort,” in which a squad of unarmed National Guardsmen on maneuvers in the swamps of Louisiana tick-off the locals and then almost immediately come to wish they hadn’t. Do so because the game will have a similar story line. With its best running back injured, Kentucky comes to Baton Rouge practically unarmed to face a LSU team that is loaded with offensive weapons—and undoubtedly extremely ticked off about last week’s game. Around the end of the first quarter, the Wildcats will be wishing they hadn’t tangled with the Tigers.


UTEP -13.5 over tulane (lock)

wisconsin -8 over minnesota

fsu -22.5 over duke