Tuesday, September 12, 2006

2006 week #3


After all the OT games and close calls, (Tennessee 31 – Air Force 30 …What the hell was that ?), during week 2 one wonders what some of the Top 25 teams are *really* made of … Time to break out the 55 gallon drum of Rolaids.

Week 3:

W. Virginia (-15.5) vs Maryland (Lock)

Notre Dame (-7.0) vs Michigan

Louisville (-4.5) vs Miami


Yes, I sucked last week. My Goofers let me down in a rare early season road game for them. This week I am going bold and picking the BIG GAMES!!

LSU +3.5 at Auburn

Go with your gut. Plus, if MSU held Irons under 100 yards, I like LSU's chances to do the same.

UT +4 over Urban Myths (lock)

Tennessee will be way up for this game. Plus I just don't believe in Florida.

Cornholers +19 at "Three time Defending National Champions"

When was the last time Nebraska was a 19 point dog? USC will win, but closer than the experts think.


oregon -4.5 over oklahoma

arkansas -6 over vandy

ok st -28.5 over florida atlantic (lock)

Scotty B's Picks

Notre Dame (-7) vs. Michigan

The Irish host a long-time rival, Michigan (this one goes back to the days of Rockne and Yost). Michigan brings a good running game and against a ND defense that gives up about 4.5 yards per carry, its two best backs, Michael Hart and Kevin Grady, could have a good day. The trouble is that, as impressive as the Wolverine’s final score was against Central Michigan, they still only managed 3-13 on third down conversions and gave up more yards passing (188) than they achieved (134). ND offers a well-balanced attack and Brady Quinn has at least two teammates—McKnight and Samardzija--who now average 12.8 and 10.8 yards per catch.

USC (-19) v. Nebraska (Lock)

Some assert that the Trojans will be rusty, seeing as they took a week off after their defeat of Arkansas. My take is that SC will be rested, not rusty. Consider as well that Pete Carroll and his coaching staff have had an extra week to find the Huskers’ weak points. What about Nebraska’s 2-0 record? Sorry, Nebraska, but the road to restored glory doesn’t go through Nichols State and Louisiana Tech.

Pittsburgh (-2.5) v. Michigan State

Dave Wannstedt’s job isn’t safe yet—and the Big East still has to prove itself worthy of being considered “Big Time.” However, the Panthers drubbed ACC opponent Virginia to open their season and, last week, did not fall apart on the road against Cincinnati. In both games, Pitt demonstrated a solid passing attack and the ability to make big plays. Although Michigan State is 2-0, they had a lot of trouble against WAC opponent Idaho in Week 1 and last week faced one of everyone’s three favorite doormats, Eastern Michigan. Against an energized Pitt squad playing at home, the wobbly Spartans will come up short.

Special K's Picks

No cupcake games this week. All business....

Miami +4.5 at Louisville (Lock)

Michigan +7 at Notre Dame

LSU +3.5 at Auburn

I feel the need to make up for taking Houston over Tulane last weekend....


Florida -4 at UT
I freakin’ hate Notre Dame

Auburn -3.5 over LSU [LOCK]
I really really hate Notre Dame

Syracuse +3 at Illinois
I hope Notre Dame never wins again and closes their school

Renegade's Picks

LSU +3.5 over Auburn [LOCK]

Miami + 4.5 over Louisville

Georgia - 17 over UAB


Sorry, busy week.

Michigan +7 over the best football team ever, who by the way happen to have the world’s greatest quarterback (college or pro) and a coach who would be the second coming of Vince Lombardi, except for the fact that he is way too good to be compared to such a mediocre coach.

Notre Dame bleauxs! (Or maybe that should be the talking heads bleaux Notre Dame)

LSU +3.5 over Auburn (Lock)

Maybe I’m just a homer, but I think we have a good shot at winning this game.

Gaytors -4 over Krispy Kreme

I don’t think Florida is that good, but they are still better than the Vols.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Week 2 wrap

Some of you guys should think about going pro. Good job to everyone except me. Next week has too many marquee match-ups to count. LSU v. Auburn, Florida v. Tennessee, Nebraska v. USC, Michigan v. Notre Shame, Louisville v. the "U", Oklahoma v. Oregon and FSU v. Clemson. Get your TV's set up now!!