Monday, November 27, 2006

Week 13 & wrap

Props to the Belliveau Boys...ZERO total points this week. Well done.

The chase is still on between The Chameleon, Prowler and Renegade who has made a late charge. The true Warrior will be crowned on Championship Saturday.

Good luck everyone.

Spartan Brian's Picks

Arizona -3 ½

LSU pick ‘em

Northern Illinois -7 [LOCK]

The Chameleon's Picks

tulane at tulsa over 51.5

south florida at west virginia over 54 (lock)

smu @ rice over 53.5

Roche's Picks

BC -3.5 over Thug U (lock)

LSU pick over Arkansas

Mizzou -7 over Kansas

Prowler's Picks

BC -3.5 at the U [lock]

wake +1.5 @ Fear the turtle head

UF -9 @ Noles


Hats off to Renegade & Special K for making some guts picks and taking their chances will *real* games … As the Air Transport guys would say, “They’ve been flying the heavy iron”. A few weeks ago I was told that OMAC had gone from Champ to Chump, since its Thanksgiving I’m more like a Turkey … So, from my cozy spot in the cellar here’s some “Chump Change” with gravy & cranberry sauce:

Week 13:

Miami vs. BC (-3.5) [Lock]:

What OMAC wants: BC needs to keep it together and balanced, get the win and then wait to see what the Terps & Wake do … Eagles could face GT for the ACC Championship.

What will happen: BC has shown it’s susceptible on the road and Coach “Choker” looks like he’s going to be run out on a rail … So, Miami shows-up, wins one for the “Choker” and goes to the Sponge Bob Square Pants Bowl vs. Daytona Vocational High School.

Arkansas pick vs. LSU:

What OMAC wants: Absent a 12-0 LSU squad, with a shot at #1, the next best thing would be the SEC Champ oing to play OSU (Not Michigan and NOT the Toe-jams) for all-the-marbles. Arkansas can’t show-up at the SEC Championship a two loss team … Go Hogs!

What will happen: LSU will come to Hog Heaven and throw some bacon on the fire to enhance their shot at a *better* Bowl game. So long National Championship!

FSU vs. Gators (-9.0):

What OMAC wants: (See above) … Florida has to win and win with authority and thus help increase the visibility & hype surrounding the SEC Championship game. Then, a (1) loss SEC Champ can make a case for facing the “Suck-eyes”.

What will happen: Well, the game’s at the “Semi-hole” shrine, Bobby Bow-down Field, and that’s never good. Bobby’s in a snit because his kid can’t coach and FSU pulls one out of their
a$$ … FSU goes to the Meaningless Bowl vs. a 6-6 WAC or MAC school and … God forbid… it’s a “Toe-jam”-“Suck-eye” BCS time.

Special K's Picks

Texas -13 vs Texas A&M

Oregon +2.5 vs Oregon St. (lock)

Oklahoma -5.5 vs Oklahoma St

Scotty B's Picks

Many people travel far distances for Thanksgiving. Scotty B, however, isn’t one for much holiday travel. All that traffic, all those hassles. This week, therefore, my picks feature teams who are close (or relatively close) to my home in the Valley of Virginia—and who will play at their respective homes. Throw another log on the fire and have some more turkey—Wild Turkey, that is—as, for Week 13, Scotty B stays Home for the Holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving, Road Warriors!

South Florida at (-20) West Virginia (Lock)
The Mountaineers want both the Big East title and a BCS bowl. To get them, they need to win BIG in their final two games. As Pitt (and eight other opponents) can attest, West Virginia’s offense is often downright dazzling and its defense is quite capable. Last week in Louisville, South Florida was unable to stop the Cardinals or score many points on them. Their task in Morgantown is perhaps even more daunting because no matter how much turkey and pie the Mountaineers have on Thursday, they’ll come out hungry.

Virginia at (-17.5) Virginia Tech
Discount any talk that without its leading rusher, Branden Ore, Virginia Tech is in trouble. Ore was injured early against Wake Forest—and Tech generated more than enough offense to secure the win. Admittedly, Virginia is no longer the laughingstock they were in September and in Jameel Sewell, the Cavaliers seem to have found a decent QB. Virginia Tech’s defense, however, is formidable (just ask Clemson and Wake Forest), its special teams are back to “Beamer Ball” basics, and its offense is playing with increased confidence. The Hokies, therefore, will hoist the Commonwealth Cup before their fans in Blacksburg.

Wake Forest at (-1) Maryland
The resurgent Terrapins’ five-game winning streak was snapped last week by Boston College, which scored three touchdowns on as many Maryland turnovers. The silver lining in that 21-point cloud, however, was that Maryland’s defense held BC to a mere 17 points. With the exception of their first three games, this year, Ralph Friegden’s boys have specialized in close calls—indeed, during its five-game winning streak Maryland outscored their opponents by a combined total of 13 points—and often-tenacious defense. Ending their season at Byrd Stadium, the Terrapins have the tools and temperament to get a win. I’m guessing they’ll have the luck, too.

Renegade's Picks

LSU over Hogs LOCK

Kentucky + 19 over Vols

Gators -9 over Fl. St